TAC21 Tikka T3 Chassis


TAC21 Tikka T3 – Short Calibers (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
TAC21 Tikka T3 – Long Calibers (.300WM, 6.5×55). Requires MDT 3.54 Magazine.


  • Increases accuracy by up to 28%
  • Cerakote Finish in Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • Construction aluminum hard anodized to mil spec type III
  • 20 MOA built in top rail
  • Holes for bolt on 1913 rails
  • Hole spacing for Magpul L5 (11 slot) and L3 (7 slot)Rails
  • Lightweight, free-floating modular fore-end
  • Will accommodate barrels as thick as the action
  • Compatible with AICS style magazines for .223 or .308 (Short Action) and .300WM, 30.06 and .338LM for Long Action
  • Weight: 3 LB (SA) and 3.6lb (LA)

For a lighter, more compact chassis, please also see the LSS Tikka T3 Chassis and the HS3 Tikka T3 Chassis

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TAC21 Tikka T3 Chassis

The TAC21 Tikka T3 chassis system a combination of bench rest accuracy, superior ergonomics and specialized design. This chassis brings the bolt action rifles to the next level in versatility and modularity, with an instant improvement in accuracy.

The TAC21 Tikka T3 chassis system is manufactured out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum, which has been hard anodized to mil spec type III for extra strenth, and has been finished with Cerakote™ in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

TAC21 Tikka T3 chassis is engineered to minimize warping and distortion. The rifle receiver only makes contact with the TAC21 Tikka T3 chassis on the V shape bedding and recoil lug area insuring the best accuracy and repeatability. The generous clearance on the fore-end makes any barrel (diameter up to the receiver size – 1.350”), free floating.

Inherently the TAC21 Tikka T3 has a straightline design, meaning that the recoil comes straight back instead of making the front of the rifle kick upwards. This results in more accurate and quicker follow up shots. This also translates to a decrease in felt recoil and comfort.

The TAC21 Tikka T3 chassis is designed to accept any AR-15 butt-stock and pistol grip (purchased separately), offering the option to customize from the wide variety of  accessories available on the market.

The TAC21 Tikka T3 chassis uses external box style magazines in .223 and .308 caliber for Short Action and .300WM or .338LM magazines for Long Action rifles, and supports installation of bolt on MIL-STN-1913 accessory mounting rails on the fore-end and side of the action housing. Mounting holes are spaced for Magpul style L5 (11 slots) and L3 (7 slots) rails (1.600” / 3.200”).

With a top full length MIL-STN-1913 accessories mounting rail. The built-in mounting rail has 20 MOA (Minutes of Angle) on the action housing and is parallel to the barrel axis on the fore-end.


The TAC21 chassis system comes as a 4-piece chassis, with all required mounting hardware included. This includes new action screws, and a screw for the pistol grip.

To complete this chassis on your rifle, the additional items you need to purchase are:

Any AR-15 buttstock or the MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock.
A buffer tube for your buttstock. (Both milspec and commercial work on our chassis)
An AR-15 Pistol Grip
At least one magazine



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