LSS Howa Chassis / Weatherby Vanguard


Important Notes:
This is the only action that MDT manufactures a chassis for, that has a flat bottom action. For this reason only the MDT Polymer magazines will work. It will be a tight fit, and the magazine may need to be modified slightly for a good fit and proper feeding.
For .223 models the bolt stop may be too long. This can easily be modified.

Other features:

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LSS Howa Chassis (Howa 1500) / Weatherby Vanguard Chassis

The LSS chassis is a popular chassis system for bolt action rifles, and is available for the Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard. The LSS Howa Chassis / Weatherby Vanguard accepts any AR-15 butt-stock and is designed to work with any collapsible AR-15 buttstock and pistol grips (purchased seperately). An adapter is available to mount fixed rifle stocks. This chassis offers the ability to customize you’re load-out by choosing from the wide variety of accessories available on the market.

The LSS Howa Chassis / Weatherby Vanguard uses external box style magazines in .223 and .308 caliber for Short Action and .300WM or .338LM magazines for Long Action rifles. Note: Long action magazines come in 3 different lengths: 3.715″, 3.775″ an 8.050″. The MDT chassis use 3.715″ length magazines.

The LSS Howa Chassis / Weatherby Vanguard Chassis supports bolt-on MIL-STN-1913 accessory mounting rails on the bottom of the fore-end. Mounting holes are spaced for Magpul style L5 (11 slots) and L3 (7 slots) rails (1.600” / 3.200”). Maximum length of rail that can be used is 6.5″.

The LSS Howa Chassis / Weatherby Vanguard is engineered to minimize warping and distortion. The rifle receiver only makes contact with the LSS chassis on it’s V shaped bedding and recoil lug area ensuring the best accuracy and repeatability. The fore-end’s generous clearance allows OEM standard and Bull barrels to free float up to 1″ diameter.

The LSS Howa Chassis / Weatherby Vanguard chassis system comes as a 1-piece chassis, with all required mounting hardware included. This includes new action screws, and a screw for the pistol grip.

To complete this chassis on your rifle, the additional items you need to purchase are:


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