MDT Metal Magazines


IMPORTANT: Standard size magazines will not work with Tikka T3 actions. The MDT chassis systems for Tikka T3 have been manufactured to accept the custom 3.560 length magazine. All other MDT chassis are sold with the 3.715 magazine well. (If you purchased a rifle with a MDT chassis on it, please check with the manufacturer which magazine length is used).

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MDT Metal Magazines

MDT metal magazines are manufactured for .300WM and .338LM calibers. The .300WM can also be used for 7mm, 30.06 and 6.5×55 calibers. In some cases the feed-lips may need to be bent.

MDT metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel, and finished with Cerakote for ultimate durability. The magazines are offered in .300WM and .338LM calibers. .300WM. – This magazine can also be used for 7mm, 30.06 and 6.5×55 calibers. Feedlips may need to be adjusted. The magazines are manufactured in multiple lengths. All MDT chassis are manufactured with a 3.715 magazine well. If however you purchased a rifle direct from an OEM or retailer, please check the specifications, as it may be 3.775. For Tikka T3 long calibers in a MDT chassis you must use the 3.560 option.

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