338 Lapua Magnum Magazine


High Quality AICS compatible Long Action 338 Lapua Magnum Magazine in both 3 and 5 Round capacities. Overall lengths 3.715″, 3.775″ and 3.850″.

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338 Lapua Magnum Magazine

Fast, Easy Loading & Unloading With Box Magazine Conversion Systems

High-quality, precision-made steel detachable box magazine is designed to fit the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) and Badger Ordnance bottom metal. 338 Lapua Magnum Magazine in 3-round or 5-round double-stack configuration with self-lubricating, polymer follower and tempered steel spring to ensure smooth feeding without hang-ups. .223 Model has a polymer body and fits AICS short action stocks.

•Constructed of heat treated steel
•Coated with a black Teflon finish
•Available in three different cartridge lengths, 3.715″, 3.775″ and 3.850″
•3.715″ is found on many factory rifles and the MDT TAC-21 Long Action Chassis.
•Polymer followers

•High quality magazines that work with AICS compatible rifles and bottom metals
•Teflon finish and polymer follower ensure smooth and reliable feeding
•Long action magazines allow for choice of cartridge length to match your action and load
•OEM magazine used by many American firearm manufacturers

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2.95", 3.66"



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