.22 LR Force Honeycomb Barrel – 18″ & 20″

The “Force Honeycomb Lightening” system is an innovative and unique “fluting” design method, for gun barrels, solely produced by Force Production. This lightening process sheds weight (a lot of weight) while maintaining the strength and integrity of the barrel. The barrel is machined, removing material from hexagonal shapes and leaving a thick stable wall between them creating a very sturdy “honeycomb” pattern. This effect is currently being created on Lothar Walther barrels. Lothar Walther barrels are precision machined in Germany to the highest industry standards. The technique can be applied to all types of gun barrels, but Force Production is now creating these modified barrels for Ruger 1022 compatible rifles.

Bottom line is maximized weight reduction. Force reduced the weight of the 18″ barrel by 17 ounces and the 20″ barrel by 12.4 ounces, by machining the honeycomb pattern into the barrel. Other fluting methods boast a weight reduction of 4 to 5 ounces, the Force Honeycomb reduces the weight by over a pound without sacrificing structural integrity.

20″ .22 LR Force Honeycomb Barrel: Lothar Walther stainless steel 18″ and 20″ bull barrels with a 1 in 16″ twist rate and a recessed crown.  The”Force Honeycomb Lightening” design is applied in a mathematical formula for aesthetic purposes.

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